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Essential Multipurpose Stainless Steel Wire Egg Slicer - Designed for Top Chefs

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Material: 304 Stainless steel(stronger) + Plastic ABS
Color: White
Net Weight: 280g/PC
Pakage included:
1 x meat slicer
1. Sturdy Enough: it is plastics frame with stainless steel wires, but it is well made with heavy plastic and strong metal slices. It can hold up a person that weights with 250 pounds and it is maximum bearing weight is unknown. Moreover, the slicing wires are tough and rigid.
2. Multi-Purpose Use: it slices, it cubes, it dices. You can use it to deal with HB egg, hot dog, soft cheese, banana, pitaya flesh, watermelon flesh, mango flesh...You can explore to work around it, it should last forever as long as you don't try to slice anything that puts more strain on the wires than they are designed for.
3. Even and Nice Slices: this gadget makes nice and even slices for sandwiches and salads. It pulls completely through the item (egg, spam or otherwise) with ease and precision. You fingers won't get pinched anymore and there was nothing awkward about it's ergonomics.
4. Reminder: this wired slicer takes risk to break to slice hard food and the foods that with strong flexibility. It takes risk to break to slice mushrooms frequently even it can slice through mushrooms and do the job well.